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Justin D. DiPalma , custom furniture maker, specializes in creating  solid wood furniture mostly from the  Queen Ann and Chippendale periods. 
Making a custom made piece of furniture is easier than you may think; normally following one of two options – either a reproduction piece or a custom design.  For reproduction pieces the artist along with the customer will do the required research needed to build the furniture to the exact original specification. 
Secondly,  a customized piece may start with a picture, a sketch or even an idea. 
Whichever option you choose, all work will be drawn to scale allowing you to see how the piece will look, down to the finest detail.  After approving the design, we will search for the appropriate wood for your project.   Not only is the species important, but getting the right grain and figure in the wood plays a major part as well.  Once all of the detail of your project is agreed upon, building your dream piece of furniture, an heirloom of the future, will begin.